's speedy pace makes for addictive gameplay, but how things play out and how you raise your level isn't immediately obvious.

You'll be able to hold more axes, pick up shields, set your axes on fire, glow red and much more, and this guide will give you the lowdown on how it's done.

All of the game's mechanics will become clear with these explanations and some brief tips on how to master each. Soon, you'll be unstoppableā€¦

Levelling up

As you level up you get access to more weapons and moves, in addition to holding more axes. To level up just make sure to grab all of the money and coins on the ground. If you can't pick them up, then you're at max level!


Move with your thumb on the left side of the screen. Simple, right? Well at first yes, but you'll soon be learning to quickly flick and aim with the screen in order to nail people with axes, and serpentine between their own attempts.

It'll actually take a bit of practice, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough.


The dodge is there from the start. It has a fairly lengthy cooldown which makes repeat uses difficult, but remember it's there as it will definitely come in handy often.

Axe accuracy

Your axe takes a second to fly out, and if enemies are moving to the side then a direct shot will always miss. Instead you'll learn to flick your direction while moving, and aim axes just in front of moving enemies. The Arena mode will help you hone these skills.

Slice and dice

Once your level is high enough you'll be able to use the sword, which does damage in a fairly wide arc directly in front of you. It's range may actually surprise you at times.

If an enemy is heading towards you and your axe misses, this is an essential back up option.

Turtle up

Shields will give you an extra hit of protection on either your front or your back, meaning that as soon as you've levelled up and can grab a shield, you should pick it up.

They don't have any special uses, but a good strategy is to keep your shield pointed at your foe if they're chasing you, especially if it's on your back.

Burning justice

Eventually you'll get access to the fire pits, which will set you alight simply by walking through them. This will make your axes fly more slowly, but they'll explode on impact with the ground, with the capability to kill multiple enemies at once.

If you get to this point you will easily tear through enemies and earn points.


Once you're really killing them all, you'll glow red in rampage mode, and the sides of your vision will blur. It's actually a bit harder to spot and aim at enemies like this, but far from impossible, and you'll certainly look imposing on the battlefield.

Barrel bombs

You know the drill with this. You throw an axe at a barrel, it explodes, and takes nearby enemies with it.

Even though they're not red, make sure you don't mistake explosive barrels for convenient cover.

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