I remember catching a glimpse of My Child Lebensborn back in 2016 and instantly became intrigued in its story. It was a part of history I hadn't been aware of and yet one that desperately needed to be told. Now, you can finally grab it on Google Play for £2.59 and experience it for yourself.

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My Child Lebensborn is a story-driven game where you adopt a young child (Klaus/Karin) in 1950s Norway and try your best to parent them despite the hostile environment. You'll need to balance caring for them, keeping them happy, and watch out for your own well-being.
While that doesn't sound too hard, the Lebensborn were children born with German fathers and were shunned and abused post-war. It's your job to help guide them through an awful time in their lives.

After our own Dave Aubrey got his hands on the game at PGConnects, he said: "My Child Lebensborn is, honestly, very depressing, but my short time with it made me want to play more and nurture Klaus with my own brand of parenting. It's fascinating and difficult, not mechanically, but in the decisions you have to make. Definitely a game to watch, especially if you want a heartfelt and authentic tale that might teach you a bit about history."

Though it's out on Android now, it will be coming to iOS soon, too.