Summoners War, the popular strategy game from Com2us, is gearing up for its next big event. This time around, the festivities are dedicated to the Fire Vampire, an all new limited edition support monster that will serve any player’s collection well.

Summoners War

The event runs now through June 3, but make sure you plan ahead, as you’ll need 10 days to unlock the Fire Vampire. You’ll need to complete each day’s series of missions to days in a row. These daily tasks include check-ins, using a friends Monster, sending Hearts to your friends, and more. For more instant gratification, you’ll also get smaller prizes for completing the day’s missions. Here’s the breakdown from Com2Us:

  • Day 1: 50 Energy + EXP Booster (12H)
  • Day 2: 50 Energy + 100,000 Mana Stones
  • Day 3: 50 Energy + 50 Crystals
  • Day 4: 50 Energy + 3? Rainbowmon x1
  • Day 5: 50 Energy + 1 Mystical Scroll
  • Day 6: 50 Energy + 200,000 Mana Stones
  • Day 7: 50 Energy + 50 Summoning Stones
  • Day 8: 50 Energy + 2 Mystical Scrolls
  • Day 9: 50 Energy + Fire Essence (MID) x20
  • Day 10: 50 Energy + Fire Essence (High) x10
  • Complete all missions: Fire Vampire

Once you unlock the Fire Vampire, you’ll gain access to a bonus event that gives you the chance to collect Mystical Scrolls.

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