How is it already May? I mean, I understand the concept of the passage of time, that's not what I'm worried about here. I just don't understand how two weeks ago it was January, and now it's almost summer. Weird.

Anyway, at the start of every month we like to round up the best mobile board games that came out in the four-or-so-weeks previous. And that's exactly what we're going to do now. It wasn't a vintage month, but there were still a couple of games that caught our eyes and our hearts.

Star Quest - download for iOS / Android
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This one sort of snuck up on us, but we're definitely glad that it did. It's a TCG with some really interesting ideas. You build a deck, and take it out into the vastness of the universe to fight aliens and get new cards. It's a whole heap of fun, and there's a lot of depth here too.

At review we said "while it might not have the polish of some of the bigger games in the genre, Star Quest is definitely worth checking out," and gave it a shiny Silve Award.

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Oil - download for iOS

At the other end of the digital board game spectrum we find Oil. It's sort of like battleships, but played on the same grid. And you're trying to find oil rather than battleships. Although I expect you could probably have worked that out from the title.

When we reviewed it we said "the single player might be a little lacking in this digital board game, but the multiplayer just about makes up for it." And then we gave the game a Bronze Award.

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