If you're a fan of .io games and always fancied your chances with axe throwing, AXE.IO is something you'll definitely enjoy. Lucky us, the game's dropping this Thursday May 3rd on iOS and Android, so you'd best get your sharpening wheels turning.

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Whether you've always fancied the idea of axe-throwing or just want to unleash your inner Jason Momoa every now and again, it's time to get tough with your enemies. Pick up your weapon and survive as long as possible in this brutal, fast-paced game.

While it may have simple controls (left stick to run, right stick to aim/throw), it won't be as easy as you think. After you've thrown your axe, you can't just summon it back like Leviathan. No, you've got to scramble about to pick up another one before getting smashed in the face by someone else's - just check out the trailer.

Like many .io games, you're rewarded for your skill. The longer you live, the more coins you'll reap from the fallen and the more axes you can carry. Plus, you'll get the occasional burst of berserker rage to take advantage of.

With only six players in each battle, we won't have to worry about server lag or stuttering, only the longevity of entertainment. Even endless battles have to end one way or another, after all. Be it from battery death, the need to eat, sleep, or work.

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