Night Trap, the controversial FMV adventure that has become a cult classic since it released in 1992, is getting a 25th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

The game’s a little dated now, but if you haven’t played it yet, Night Trap is a campy delight. It’s so bad it’s hard to look away. Based on horror movies, Night Trap is set in a huge house where vampires are trying their darnedest to murder the teenagers trapped inside. You play as a police officer, controlling the house’s surveillance system to lure the vampires into a series of traps to thwart their sinister plans.

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Night Trap stirred up drama after its initial launch for its “violent content”. Watching clips from the game now, that seems almost laughable, but the game debuted at a time when video games like Mortal Kombat were in the spotlight for mortifying parents with their graphic violence. Night Trap was so contentious, it’s been credited with inspiring the formation of the ESRB.

Night Trap is getting both a physical and digital release sometime this summer.