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One of the best digital board games of last year is currently on sale for iPhone and iPad.

Age of Rivals is a brilliant, small-but-surprisingly-large experience, and you can grab it right now for just £1.99 / $1.99.

At review we said "there's a depth here that other games of the same length can't emulate. Throw in multiplayer modes and you've got an intriguing prospect," and gave the game a Silver Award.

You can click here to read the rest of that review. It's pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

Age of Rivals sees you building an empire in fifteen minute sessions. It's the board game perfectly squished down to fit on mobile.

Basically, this is a brilliant game, and that you can get it for even less for usual makes it even easier to recommend. To that end, click here and you'll be whisked away to the App Store where you can grab the game right this second.

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