Goodness me, we've been waiting for a hot minute for an update on The Legend of Bum-bo and we've finally got one - in trailer form.

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We last spoke about Edmund McMillen's bizarre game back in January. Having missed its original late 2017 launch window, it was then suggested it'd be coming out in the first half of 2018. While there's still no specific date for it yet, it'll definitely be coming to iOS and PC this year, with Switch on the cards for 2019.

The Legend of Bum-bo is a randomly generated turn-based RPG where you'll follow The Binding of Isaac's Bum-bo and face off against waves of cardboard fiends. Using match-four mechanics, you'll generate offensive and defensive attacks, gain mana, and unleash awesome spells on your enemies.

Not only is this the first time we get to see the gameplay in proper action, but it's also the first time we've gotten any kind of in-depth explanation regarding the game.

On Twitter when the trailer was announced, McMillen answered a few fan questions, including: