Brew Town, a craft beer brewery simulator from AppBox Media, will swig its way onto Android and iOS tomorrow for a full release.

You'll be in charge of running your own craft brewery, creating new combinations with over 150 flavors to choose from. As you expand your business and complete tasks, you'll also have the opportunity to compete with your friends to sell the most beer.

One particularly fun aspect of the game is the chance to create your own labels for your beer, and unleash your creative side, with an opportunity to land in the beer label hall of fame.

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The basic mechanics seem fairly similar to most business simulations, but the fun premise, charm of the game's design, and unique touches like designing your own labels have the chance to set this apart from other simulation games.

We had our first glimpse of the game back in February, and while the final release got pushed forward a bit, it looks like things are finally ready to start brewing. The game will be available for free on Android and iOS.