With Octopath Traveler's July 13th release date creeping ever closer, Square Enix released a brand new overview trailer showing off two more of the eight characters, Therion and H'aanit.

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Full disclaimer - my Japanese is extremely poor, so had to reference Siliconera for a more detailed introduction.

Therion, a Thief, is on a quest to recapture a jewel. Unsurprisingly, his Path Action is 'Steal', allowing him to steal from almost anyone. H'aanit, a Hunter, is searching for her missing master. Her Path Action, 'Investigate', lets her challenge people to fight and helps her control different beasts.

Path Actions are further sorted into two categories: Rogue and Noble. Going down a Noble path means you won't fail when using your Actions, however you'll need to have the right cash/experience. The Rogue path is a little more risky, potentially resulting in damaging your relationship with an NPC, but you'll save yourself some time and money if it goes right.

As well as the main quests, the game will also have sub-stories to work through that depend on Path Actions. Taking on certain paths may let you work around different elements of the sub-stories, so it's another layer to the gameplay to look forward to.

Are you looking forward to Octopath Traveler coming to Nintendo Switch? Or, are you not particularly bothered? Let us know in the comments below.

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