Once you've gotten your hands on a mobile game it's hard not to pop in every day and complete a few challenges, achieve a few goals, make the team slightly stronger, and suddenly you've been there for two hours. Oops. Marvel Strike Force is no different.

With this guide we're going to run you through the things you should be taking a look at every day, and how to get them done quickly and easily.

Levelling up characters, getting new characters for your roster, smashing through missions, you'll find little tips for all of these right here.

Marvel Strike Force

Easily achievable

The nice thing about the Daily Objectives list is that you can jump to each objective by observing the objective you want to complete, and then there'll be a "GO" button which will warp you to whichever menu you need to complete it.

This makes it incredibly easy to go through and complete objectives, all while clearing challenges, powering up your characters and, most importantly, getting your objective rewards, which can include shards for new characters and plenty of experience.

Because of how neatly it lines up things for you to do, it makes it worth ploughing through Daily Objectives each time you log in.

Marvel Strike Force

Levelling up

You'll get plenty of player experience for completing Daily Objectives, which as you should know, will level up your player level. This is important for unlocking more campaigns and modes, as well as levelling up your individual characters.

If the experience rewards aren't enough, then the character shards for new characters and the gear will make it well worth your while.

Using the gear you'll be powering up your heroes, and that will in turn let them tier up, giving them a big power boost.

Marvel Strike Force

More characters

Interestingly, there's a few characters you'll only be getting by completing Daily Objectives and Achievements.

Wolverine is only unlockable by completing all of your Daily Objectives seven times - that's a week of work, minimum.

Hulk, meanwhile only has shards available in the Achievements section. You'll slowly complete achievements as you play, just collect them whenever possible. Daily Objectives will require more dedicated work to complete.

Marvel Strike Force

Mode variety

The nice thing about going through your Daily Objectives each day isn't just the juicy rewards, but the surprising amount of mode variety it gives you. Asking you to go to different campaigns, and earn different loot and characters.

Buying supplies is the only Objective which isn't simply battling, and for this one just spend your easily earnt gold on cheap gear in order to complete the objective and move on.

Marvel Strike Force

Challenge for more loot

Challenges are available on certain days and offer rewards of Gold, Catalysts, Orb Fragments, Ability Enhancers and more.

The schedule is as follows…

  • Gold Rush - SUN, MON, THURS
  • Training Day - SUN, TUES, FRI
  • Ability Enhancements - SUN, TUES, FRI
  • Medical Supply Run - SUN, MON, THURS
  • Orb Fragments - SUN, WED, SAT
  • Catalyst of Change - SUN, WED, SAT

Sunday is clearly the lucky day where all challenges are available.

Marvel Strike Force

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