We love collecting our favourite Marvel heroes and villain in Marvel Strike Force, but when the later campaign missions get challenging, what are we to do?

The answer is, of course, jump right in and increase that team power. With more team power, your roster will be able to lay waste to all of the enemies in front of you.

So read on and you'll know the essential ways you can increase your team power and go against the tough challenges in Marvel Strike Force.

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Just the five of us

A powerful team is all about, well, a team. And we all know there's strength in numbers, right? Exactly.

You can have up to five team members fighting alongside you in Marvel Strike Force, and having a team with slots empty just isn't good enough. Full team or bust!

The only issue is that in the campaign, you'll need specifically either hero or villain characters for certain missions. Check out our guide on unlocking characters to make sure you have a full team no matter what. Marvel Strike Force

Very experienced

Just having loads of team members isn't enough though, you need strong team members. Am I being too obvious here?

One way to make sure your team members are as strong as they can be is to raise their level to the max. Jump into their profile in the roster, and then click Train and use items to level them up.

Make sure your central team are always levelled up as much as possible, as you'll be relying on them more often than not.

Marvel Strike Force

Gearing up

Another quick way to get team power up is with equippable items, and every character has several equipment slots they need filling.

You'll get more equippable items from clearing campaign and event missions, in addition to achievements, and you'll get more options of what you can equip by levelling up.

Making sure they're all well trained is one thing, but without equipment your team still won't be as strong as you want them to be.

Marvel Strike Force

The old grindstone

If you're struggling to get through campaign missions, maybe go back to early missions that you didn't clear with a good rank and go for three stars?

In battle, you can speed up combat by 3x, and then you can also click auto battle to smash through the battle with no interaction - a natural choice if you're already way stronger than the missions you're taking on.

Going back to older missions to bump up your rank on them will give you more shards, equipment and of course experience that'll make you stronger.

Marvel Strike Force

It's all on you

Finally, the last tip is all about you. Or, rather, your player level. You see, how much you can actually train and increase the levels all depends on your player level.

The maximum level of any individual character is tied to your player level, so instead of thinking so much about Team Power, instead focus on just doing more in general so your player level can grow too.

Keep this up, and you'll be smashing through any challenge in front of you very soon.

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