If you've had cravings for a striking story-based game you'll want to keep an eye on The Mooseman, coming to iOS and Android on April 17th.

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Based on the myths and legends of ancient Russian tribes, this atmospheric adventure puts you in the shoes of the Mooseman, a being able to see things hidden to the mortal eye. You'll work your way through the three layers of the universe, starting with the Lower World infested with spirits of the dead.

The game is wonderfully intriguing and, alongside its mysteries, should contain a lot of factual information too. Developer Vladimir Beletsky apparently worked with museums to make sure his information is correct which is always encouraging to see.

The game's already out on Steam and has received positive feedback so far. It's likely The Mooseman will be heavy on information and won't offer up much in terms of gameplay, but I'm intrigued by its attention to some of Russia's lesser-known tribes and myths (at least by an international audience). Plus, it's short and has a lovely art style.

It'll be free to play for the first few levels and £2.49/$2.49 thereafter.