It's time to reclaim the title of Nerevarine with the latest expansion to The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game, as the new Houses of Morrowind expansion includes over 140 new cards and a number of new mechanics to challenge your strategy skills.

The trailer is short on information, so here's the details: Houses of Morrowind introduces the ability for decks to have up to three attributes in the game instead of the usual two, as well as several new keywords, including "rally," "betray," "plot," and "exalt." Call down the clockwork god Vivec, the vengeful Dagoth Ur, or a variety of monstrous Ash Creatures to help reduce your opponent to cinders.

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Particularly exciting for solo players is the addition of puzzle sets, three different series of challenges with specific puzzles to beat – such as winning the game within a single turn.

You'll also get five themed decks (one for each house), new card backs, titles, playmats, and daily quests, as well as a variety of changes to the arena and deckbuilder spaces.

This is some of the first new solo content in the game in a long while, so if you've never tried the game or been away for a while, it's a great opportunity to jump back in without having to face other players.

We thought The Elder Scrolls: Legends was a pretty good game when it first launched, giving it our Silver Award and calling it "a great CCG" that you need to stick with to get the most out of it.

Houses of Morrowind has launched on all platforms, with starter packs available for $4.99. Decks and puzzle sets can also be bought with in-game gold or through IAP, whichever you prefer.

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