Pokemon GO is teaming up with Mission Blue to host a real-world event on April 22nd to promote litter cleanup with in-game rewards.

Fans of the game willing to get their hands dirty will work with local non-profits to help pick up litter and clean natural areas, all in the name of Earth Day.

If 1,500 people attend, the entire Pokemon GO community will receive 2x Stardust for catching Ground, Water, and Grass-type Pokemon for 48 hours after the event. At 3,000 players, the rate increases to 3x, which isn't bad for a day's work.

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You can register for events or suggest an event in your area on the main Pokemon GO Earth Day event page, if you're so inclined. The event page currently only has a few locations featured, the site does promise that more events will be coming soon.

It might seem a bit much to ask people to exchange real labour for digital rewards, but hey, you were probably going to be outside playing Pokemon GO anyway, right? Might as well get some gloves on and make the world a better place while you're at it.