It's Easter, everyone's second favourite festive mash-up of pagan, Christian, and rampantly commercialised elements.

You've no doubt got something planned with the family over the coming days. Let's face it, there's going to be some dull patches that will need navigating with the utmost discretion.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of mobile games to get you in the Easter spirit.

Okay, so it's basically a bunch of half-decent-to-good games with an egg or bunny theme. Look, I'm working on a Bank Holiday here. Cut me some slack.

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To some people, Easter is a solemn religious occasion. To others, it's about stuffing so many chocolate eggs into their gobs that they puke. Eggggg is here to represent that latter group.

This is a novel, beautifully presented and totally gross platformer in which eating eggs makes your protagonist projectile vomit - which in turn acts as a handy means of propulsion. Heave ho!

Angry Birds 2
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It's a game all about birds. Birds lay eggs. Eggs are very Eastery. Do you see what I'm getting at here?

If you wanted a more explicit Easter theme, there's always Angry Birds Seasons, but it's easy to forget how much extra polish Rovio applied in this slick sequel. Am I over-egging things if I suggest that Angry Birds 2 has been somewhat overlooked?

King Rabbit
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To many people, Easter is all about celebrating the new life and fertility of Spring. Which explains the whole fluffy bunny obsessions. Don't make me draw you a picture.

What better way to mark this than with a game about a regal rabbit? Okay, so Queen Rabbit or Mother Rabbit would perhaps have been a better fit. But no such mobile game exists, so this super-sharp adventure-puzzler will have to do.

Super Bunny World
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Maybe a King Rabbit isn't enough for you. Maybe this is a job for... Super Bunny World.

What we have here is a retro platformer that calls to mind Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros, but with a more modern autorunner style. Okay, so it's hardly the first mobile game to do so, but how many of the others feature the Easter mascot itself? Eggsactly.

Doodle Jump Easter Special

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You'd forgotten all about Doodle Jump, hadn't you? To be fair, so had I, but it remains a highly playable endless climber.

I was even more surprised to find this old Easter spin-off still available on the App Store post-iOS 11 Appocalypse. It's an Easter miracle!

Pong Pong Eggs

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We've just posted the review of this one, and it's arguably the worst game on the list. Still, I thought I'd add it to this feature, because eggs.

This is a perfectly playable and super-cute (if rather simple) take on the legendary Peggle. The main difference is that you're bouncing eggs off various vegetables and into a pan. Or microwave. Or egg cup.

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