As we are want to do, we hosted yet another of our Big Indie Pitches out at GDC last week, and boy, it was a good 'un.

There was a bunch of great games covering just about every genre you can think of, each one bringing its own unique twist to the world of mobile.

But there can be only one winner, and it was a great pleasure to hand that award to Triband's madcap golf game What The Golf?

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You may have already seen What The Golf? kicking around, but here's the skinny if you've missed it – it's a golf game, except it's not a golf game, except that it is a golf game.

It starts with you hitting a ball into a hole, and almost immediately descends into chaos as you begin thwacking houses, cars, and even yourself at the flag at the end of the course.

It's beautiful, dumb, and a whole lot of fun, so huge congratulations to Triband for winning. You can find out more about on the game on the developer's website.

But wait, there's more!

We had an incredibly rare moment at the GDC Big Indie Pitch in which two games tied for second place!

Yes, both Agate's management sim Esports Saga and Pine Street Codeworks' puzzler Tiny Bubbles captured the judge's hearts so much that they couldn't decide between the two, and ended up awarding both with second place.

Esports Saga has you building up an esports team and making sure they're well trained, before sending them off into battles which you can influence through the use of different boosts before each round.

Meanwhile, Tiny Bubbles has you mixing and matching colours inside the titular bubbles while a fishy friend helps or hinders you throughout.

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Well done to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who took part in yet another magnificent Big Indie Pitch!