Holy moly, if you've been with us for a while you'll know that Oceanhorn 2 is a game that's been in development for a while. After only grabbing a few snippets of news back in 2016, and a rather lengthy video in 2017, at GDC this year we saw a full demo trailer, and it's magical. 

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I'll address the elephant in the room off the bat and say it's got some real Legend of Zelda vibes, but that's not a bad thing. With Arcadia in peril, Archimedes sends three of his best knights to Owrus, the land of bird people, to return the Sacred Emblem of Earth to its original place. While one of the knights looks like Oceanhorn's protagonist, it's a different lad entirely. 

I won't mutter on too much about it, but this concentrated look at the game shows off a bunch of features, including: multiple weapon abilities, grappling hooks, more complex fighting mechanics, a party of heroes, and a gorgeous jungle environment to boot. 

Cooler still, the GDC trailer was pieced together with footage captured from an iPhone 7 so as it stands at the moment we're in for a treat when Oceanhorn 2 eventually releases on mobile. As the team says on their most recent blog post, the game's still a long way off from being complete. 

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