You're probably well aware by now, but Death Road to Canada is on its way to the Switch for yet another awesome portable experience. That's old news though - today, we finally have a trailer for it.

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Coming to Switch thanks to UKIYO Publishing, its trailer may only be a minute long, but we're getting a little bit excited as we take a look at more gameplay footage. Aside from flicking through area after zombie-filled area, we also learnt that it'll work in all modes (tabletop, docked, and handheld) and with all controllers (Joy-Con grip, single Joy-Con, and Pro Controller).

For those of you hankering to play with a best bud, it looks like local multiplayer zombie-killing will be available from the get go. At least you'll be able to take a life-changing trip to Canada with someone you don't hate... for now.

There's no solid release date for Death Road to Canada just yet, but it'll be hitting the Switch in about a month.