Clash Royale has managed to grow its esports scene rather rapidly since it first launched, to the point where Supercell has hosted an enormous world championship across an entire year with hundreds of thousands of dollars to win.

It can seem quite daunting to an outsider, but luckily, we know a guy who's trying to break in – our resident Clash Royale expert Josh Jones, who's taken some time to talk about the esports scene over on our Mobile Minions channel.

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Josh goes into his own experiences, noting that it can be tough to break into the pro scene, but goes over some of the incentives that are currently running to help players get into the big leagues.

He's been a busy bee lately, with a growing number of videos over on the Mobile Minions channel, including deep dives of particular cards and discussions on the current meta for Clash Royale.

So, if you too are trying to improve your game, be sure to check out and subscribe to the Mobile Minions channel. There's plenty more videos planned for the future, so check in regularly to see what you might learn!

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