PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' mobile version are still split in too: what's dubbed the "Lightspeed" version, being the more realistic and close to the PC/console experience and the "Timi" version (based on the name of the studios behind each), being slightly more arcade.

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The latter just got a huge update in China, getting huge optimisation enhancements, plenty of bug fixes, enhancements to the character creation but even some new modes. You'll be able to partake in four new game modes, meant to be faster paced including:

  • Shotgun only mode
  • Sniper only mode
  • A mode where you find a lot more weapon
  • A close quarter mode

On top of that, you can also train and try each weapons in the new firing range and the map has been improved with more buildings and landmarks.

On iOS you'll even be able to use 3D touch to fire and you can now customise almost all the buttons. The game is also more beautiful than ever thanks to some new lightning and optimisation and should eat less battery.
The lightspeed version will also get all of this soon but it's not available yet. That's quite a huge update that should make it even better when it launches worldwide soon hopefully.

You can get it now here by following our guide and don't forget to check our advice on how to win. It's also available on Android but you'll have to track down the APK.