Well the sound you hear is plenty of console players being disappointed at that news. Indeed, after a short teaser, it was revealed earlier today that Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is coming to mobile this summer in Japan.

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This RPG plays in a side-scrolling manner and we even reviewed the game when it was ported to PSP all the way back in 2006.

In it, as we said in our review, You take the role of Valkyrie, a minor deity charged with bringing the souls of warriors from the human world to fight on Asgard's behalf. In short, you act as the Norse Angel of Death, drafting humanity's best fighters to serve in Odin's army.

We though it was good on Sony's portable but things could have been improved. Let's hope our concerns will be fixed in this version.

Surprisingly, it's going to be a paid app. We'll see if there's any intention of bringing it west.