Epic Games dropped a bomb last night by announcing that Fortnite Battle Royale, their PvE Tower Defence inspired game turned Battle Royale after the success of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is coming to iOS and Android. That's right, Epic says that it's the same game with the same weekly updates.

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Not only that but you'll be able to play with PS4 and PC players if you want to. If you're queuing solo or with mobile friends, you'll only be playing with mobile players however. How will Epic adjust the mobile controls and will we see full controller support? We can't answer those yet but a beta is going up really soon on iOS and you can sign-up for it here starting Monday.

This is such a smart move after PUBG's "soft launch" in China and should make Fortnite even more dominant in the Battle Royale space than it is now.

We'll let you know when sign-ups are live.

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