The dream of being a witch or wizard at Hogwarts is still alive for many, it seems. Just look at the hype surrounding Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which will let you be your own custom character and live a full school life at the school.

Sweet, right? Well, Jam City dropped a new trailer for the game yesterday, and the reaction so far has been, well, mixed to say the least.

On the one hand, Twitter has been ablaze with hyperbole as expectant fans clamour for a release:

And to be fair to them, that trailer does have a lot going for it. We found at least five cool things teased within, including the fact that you can choose your own House, and might even get into some romantic entanglements.

But not everyone is a fan of the fact that the Sorting Hat is taking a backseat role this time around:

Others took issue with the free-to-play trappings, in particular the energy system:

And some fans have already got their hands on the game, though they don't have particularly nice things to say about it:

Of course, any free-to-play game using a big brand is bound to have its detractors, so there's still a chance that it won't be as bad as some people are saying… right?

Ultimately, it looks like Twitter user Gabriel Bergmoser has summed up the entire game in just one sentence:

Ah well. We won't know for sure how good the game is until it actually launches, so keep an eye out for our own opinions in the near future.

Of course, Harry Potter fans can also look forward to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launching at some point this year, which will provide a Pokemon GO spin on the magical franchise.

Is it really wise to release two games using the same huge franchise in one year? Well, we think it could be.