It hasn't been the greatest month for board game releases, but the two that have come out have really been rather brilliant. Sometimes life's more about quality than quantity.

So I've gone right ahead and rounded-up the games that have come out in the second month of 2018. Here's hoping that March throws some more gems into the mix.

Infinite West
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This one's like a mix between chess and one of Square Enix's GO games. It's super smart, looks pretty damn cool, and it's got some neat ideas of its own to throw into the mix as well as some more familiar concepts.

Sure it's not the deepest game out there, but it still manages to fold in a surprising amount of strategy into its one-screen challenges. Plus it's got cowboys in it, and quite frankly more games should have cowboys in them.

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Dice Brawl: Captain's League

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It's a reskinning of the Jumanji game that came out a couple of months ago, but this one throws plenty more into the mixture. There's a crocodile, some deck-building, and plenty more besides.

On top of that there's some interesting mechanics that involve playing around with the dice that you roll. This one's perfect for mobile, with quick play times, and few rules to confuse you with.

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