Read Only Memories: Type-M is coming to Android and iOS next month, adding another top-notch narrative adventure to the growing list of visual novels finding their home on mobile platforms. The cyberpunk mystery adventure originally launched on PlayStation Vita all the way back in 2016.

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Set in Neo-San Francisco, Read Only Memories is a sci-fi caper, in which you, a sapient robot, must explore the city’s darker secrets on a quest to find your friend that ultimately opens up into a far more twisted tale of technology and humanity. The game plays much like a classic point and click, with you moving the story further based on your decisions and how you explore the game’s colorful setting. Developer MidBoss took inspiration from classic games like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

Read Only Memories: Type-M Read Only Memories: Type-M is expected to arrive on March 6, but you can get a head start and pre-order the game on the App Store now if you’d like. It’s a premium release, but you can play through the first chapter for free to see if Type-M is your type of adventure.

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