SiNKR belongs to that sub-category of minimalistic, idea-driven puzzlers typified by the work of developer Rainbow Train. There's a lot of HOOK in SiNKR, in particular.

Indeed, hooks and sinkers are what SiNKR is all about, with a few lines thrown in for good measure.

This is a game that takes the basic principle of fishing - snagging a target and reeling it in - and then spins it out into a meditative abstract puzzler.

On the line

The idea here is to drag several pucks into their waiting ports using the automated hooks and reels provided.

Press the base of each reeling mechanism and the hook will be drawn in - along with any pucks snagged along the way. Pretty soon you'll encounter criss-crossing lines that enable you to shuttle the pucks around the levels.

SiNKR's puzzles essentially grow in complexity around that premise, with a few quirks thrown in for variety.

Besides different-shaped pucks, there are ones that clump together and can be moved en masse. You'll also encounter hooks that can be flipped to face another way, expanding the area they can affect.

Reel good

SiNKR is one of those puzzlers that requires a particularly patient and methodical mindset to play beyond its opening levels.

The complexity and difficulty of the puzzles soon ramps up, and if you're not willing to commit real thought to the sequential approach you're going to take you'll give up pretty quickly. This is not the sort of puzzler you can grind through with sheer perseverance.

Fortunately the game's presentation goes some way to soothing your gently aching brain. The visuals are unshowy and clear, with each level resembling some kind of star chart.

This is accompanied by a suitably spacey ambient drift of a soundtrack, with your own movements adding in pretty little piano plinks. It's just about perfectly judged for a game that requires minutes of silent contemplation at a time.

Nice catch

With any luck, you already know whether SiNKR is going to be your cup of tea or not from the review so far. It doesn't re-invent the mobile puzzler wheel in any way, and there's precious little concession to those who like a little action or variety in their puzzlers.

This is a spartan, highly focused yet thoughtfully constructed brain teaser that will delight a very specific sort of gamer across its 60 levels.