Yes, there're cat puns in the title for a reason, because Purrfect Date is all about dating cats and you'll be able to get your hands on it this week.

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First announced for iOS last year, Purrfect Date has been pretty hush-hush about its release date until today. Highly-regarded on Steam, apparently this pussy(cat)-romancing game is so much more than a dating sim as it combines elements of visual novel and dark British comedy.

Settle down on the idyllic Cat Island, date cats, and slowly unravel the mysteries at work here. After all, with no other humans around and an island of talking cats, something crazy must have gone on here, right?

It's okay to fall in love, though. If pigeons can, why not cats? Bring along your bag of Dreamies, tin of cat nip, and empty boxes... things are about to get wild.

Though it's officially out worldwide on February 14th, you can grab Purrfect Date now on the App Store for £4.99/$4.99. Just which of the 18 endings will you get?