You’ve awoken in a world with a grinning Cheshire Cat and a shrewd Queen of Hearts – but if you gaze into the looking glass, you’ll see Anne instead of Alice. Something’s not quite right...

So begins the story of discovery in PAPER Anne, published by UsFun Games. The mobile game peppers elements of famous children’s stories throughout a paper world. Anne isn’t sure which world she belongs to, so it’s up to you to find the right fit.

Gameplay involves solving successive puzzles by dragging and tapping elements of the environment. The graphics are charming – textured to look like the paper of a pop-up book. The characters are rendered in a cutesy East-meets-West style, with Anne looking especially chibi-fied. It’s definitely got visual appeal.

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There are nods to the Nut Cracker, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Ugly Duckling and, of course, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Undertake the Cheshire Cat’s trials, see through the lies spun by the Queen of Hearts, fight alongside the Tin Soldier and break the spell of the Mouse King.

Explore this fairytale land and help Anne discover her story. You can download PAPER Anne for iOS from 27th February here:

Android users won’t have to wait long as UsFun Games have confirmed that the game will be soon available on Google Play as well. And they’re also working on other exciting new titles.