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In a surprise twist, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has arrived a wee bit ahead of schedule. You can scoop up the first chapter for free right now, or buy the whole experience for £20. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition takes the essence of its namesake and pares it down into an easily digestible morsel for mobile gadgets. The story, the characters, the cooking, they’re all there, though Noctis and co. are sporting new chibi-fied physiques. This new condensed Final Fantasy XV promises a more streamlined feel than the bulky, open-world console versions.

The emphasis here appears to be on the story, though you'll find some Final Fantasy-lite combat for all of you monster hunters out there.

Pocket Edition is split up into 10 chapters on both iOS and Android, with the first being free, two and three going for 99p and the rest for £4, though you can buy the whole bundle in bulk if you so choose.

The game's hefty price tag is sure to prove controversial for some. Is Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition worth the premium price? Find out in our review of the game. Going to pass on this one for the time being? We have a list of games like Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition that should help you out in a pinch.