Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition launches this week, and it's a bit special.

For the first time that we can remember, a triple-A console developer has ripped its latest game apart and completely rebuilt it for a mobile audience.

It's a very impressive feat, offering the core Final Fantasy XV experience in a much more streamlined, touchy-feely package.

It's far from the only console-quality Final Fantasy experience on mobile, however. Square Enix has brought across a number of its previous epic JRPGs across in a rather more direct fashion.

Here are some of the best.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is the finest mobile Final Fantasy conversion of the lot. Part of that is down to the fact that the game hits the sweet spot between the lush 3D worlds of the newer entries and the charming old school vibe of the earlier games.

Also, this is a quite brilliant conversion from Square Enix. The graphics have been sharpened up, and there's a largely sympathetic control system that makes this PS1-era gem sing on touchscreen devices.

Final Fantasy IV

This take on Final Fantasy IV was notable for being a conversion of a conversion. We didn't get a port of the original SNES version on iOS and Android, but rather of the 2008 Nintendo DS remake, meaning a switch to more modern 3D graphics.

This was also the point in the series at which Square Enix started tackling more mature themes (the protagonist has some serious skeletons in his closet), but before its narratives went tiresomely emo.

Final Fantasy VI

We have to include Final Fantasy VI on this list, if only because many series fans view it as the finest game in the series. This was the last of the 2D entries, but Square Enix was already well into its stride with its epic narratives, memorable scores, and steampunk aesthetic.

This conversion has attracted some controversy for the way Square Enix has redrawn the 2D sprites (sacrilege!), but only fans of the original will gripe about that. The rest of us can marvel at this prime slab of classic JRPG meat - and some of the touchscreen enhancements are actually pretty neat.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is on here for similar reasons to Final Fantasy VI - it's many people's favourite entry. This marked the beginning of the modern era of Final Fantasy, where 3D graphics and lengthy cutscenes would take hold.

Unlike Final Fantasy VI, however, this is a rather clumsy port. Square Enix doesn't seem to have put anywhere near as much effort bringing VII up to standard for a modern mobile audience. If you can get around its clunky controls, though, it remains a spectacular JRPG.

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