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It looks like Nintendo Labo will be a lot more flexible than we initially thought. Nintendo revealed Toy-Con Garage this week at a press event, which shows off just how far you’ll be able to stretch Labo’s limits. Toy-Con Garage gives players the freedom to create their own cardboard contraptions with bits and boxes they might have on hand. Using the Labo software, you’ll be able to make your own custom toys, or mix and match parts from the kits to create other gadgets. For example, you can use parts from the Motorbike or Fishing Rod to control the RC Cars. Nintendo also demonstrated an electric guitar that uses Labo’s piano software and original cardboard cutouts.

Details are still a bit fuzzy—we can’t say for sure just how much free reign you’ll actually have to create new projects, but it does open up the window for some cool, unique creations that test what the Labo system can do.

We have a lot of feelings about Labo, but mostly we’re just plain excited. Check out games we want to see get the Nintendo Labo treatment, or read up our 7 most pressing questions we have about Nintendo Labo.

Source: Tech Crunch

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