Finally we can play Dissidia on our mobile devices in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, the latest turn-based battler to hit mobile.

In this new Dissidia game you’ll be able to collect and work alongside heroes from the greatest Final Fantasy games - and the greatest Final Fantasy hero, Sazh.

When you jump into battle it might be a bit odd - this certainly isn’t Dissidia as you know it - but there’s a lot to love. Just take a look at our tips below and you’re sure to be a Dissidia pro before you know it.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia

Smashing their bravery

In Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (I can’t see typing that getting tiring) going straight for the enemy’s health bar isn’t actually the best way to do battle.

First, you’ll want to Break their Bravery by using Brave attacks. Brave attacks effect Bravery directly, and reducing their Bravery to nothing will put them in a Break state.

Once opponents are broken, their turn to attack will be greatly delayed, charged attacks will be interrupted, and their health will be wide open for you to take advantage of.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia

Going in for the kill

Once you’ve smashed their bravery to pieces, it’s time to go in for the kill, naturally.

You’ll need to be using HP attacks, as you can use Brave attacks all day long, yet you’ll never actually finish your enemy off.

HP Attacks can do more damage to broken enemies and can cause chain attacks - remember that, in true Final Fantasy fashion, not all attacks are created equal, and certain enemies require certain approaches.

Your mage’s magic attacks will do much more damage to a Flan, for example, while standard physical attacks won’t do much.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia

Equipped for battle

Luckily it’s not too difficult to earn a few draws on equipment in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia - though you should be careful not to spend all of your hard earned real-life money on in-app purchases.

At least one level five piece of gear is guaranteed to drop if you draw ten items for 5,000 gems. You should have at least 10,000 gems from the end of the first chapter, giving you access to at least a couple of items.

Go through your party characters in the menu and click the auto equip option at the bottom (unless you wish to get specific, of course). This will instantly equip the best suited piece of armour and weaponry from your inventory to the character you’re hovering over.

Going in to battle with characters holding 5 star pieces of gear will definitely give you an edge in early battles.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia

Summoning greatness

When battles are getting rough, it’s time to summon a more powerful being. Whether that be Ramuh, God of Lighting, or a humble Chocobo.

There’s a small selection of summons to earn and equip; once you’ve unlocked the ability to use them, make sure to equip one and use it in battle whenever possible.

You can use you summon simply by tapping their character portrait in the bottom right during battle. There’s a gauge that needs to be filled - the bar surrounding the character portrait - but once it’s charged there’s no reason not to unleash.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia