With very little warning, Alike Studio has just given us something to dig into this weekend with joy as Bring You Home arrives on iPhone, iPad, and tvOS.

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Bring You Home comes from the developer of fan-favourite, Love You to Bits. If you haven't played that yet (firstly, what have you been doing?!), you'll want to list both of these games down on your 'To Play' list because they really are special.

Though a tad cleaner looking, Bring You Home is an adventure puzzler which follows Polo, an alien hero, who traverses the galaxy to rescue his kidnapped alien pet. While that may sound very similar to the dev's previous title, this time around there's one major twist - you don't control the character but rather the level itself.

I know, that sounds a tad confusing but it's really cool. As you'll see from the trailer above, the level is split into four rotating sections which you can mess about with to find an appropriate pathway. You'll fail a lot and sometimes that's half the fun.

Grab Bring You Home now on the App Store for £2.99/$2.99. There's no word yet on an Android release, but we'll keep you posted.