I know, it feels like you've been waiting forever and more than a few of you have made your excitement for the game abundantly clear here on Pocket Gamer. Alas, dear friends, there's only another week to wait as FFXV Pocket Edition launches on mobile February 9th.

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FFXV Pocket Edition gives mobile gamers a bite-sized experience of the console game, focusing on the story rather than the side quests as you work through 10 chapters. Better yet, it's all told using this ultra-cute chibi-style design, so it shouldn't be particularly demanding. At least, I'd hope not.

There's always the risk that after all of this hype and promise that the resulting product never lives up to expectation, but I reckon it'll be alright on the night. After taking a gander at IGN's first 20 minutes of the game, there's nothing in it that immediately makes me worry. A few choppy frame rates here and there, but it was several months ago.

Pre-orders are already live on iOS and Android pre-registrations have been going for a while, so what're you waiting for? Are you excited about FFXV Pocket Edition finally coming to mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

When it's available, you can download the first chapter totally free with those following available to buy.