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Having recently stroked its way onto the app stores late last year, Mini Golf King by Bluehole PNIX has just received a brand new update with new courses and tournament mode to enjoy.

Similar in principle to the real life game, Mini Golf King embellishes a fun arcade twist on the playful pass time throughout each of its 30+ levels, from sandy Egyptian inspired courses, adorned with hieroglyphs and pyramids, to plush green holes replete with colourful shoots, drawbridges, bomb traps and mazes.

The game features an intuitive drag and release control system that's simple enough to grasp, but far trickier to master. There's more than one way to sink your putt as well, with accelerators and jump pads scattered throughout for those daring (or desperate) enough to try and take advantage of all the tricks each level has to offer.

Players can regularly take part in leagues to enjoy an added layer of competition, with promoted players receiving special prizes such as card bonuses and chests containing fancy new equipment, including powerful new clubs, balls and gloves.

Besides the standard slew of gameplay tweaks, the latest update brings four new tournament maps, including: Marina District, Shipyard, Downhill Seaport and Beach Trail as well as the long awaited Tournament mode, where the top players can battle it out across weekly rounds to become the next Mini Golf King.

If you fancy taking a swing yourself, then you can find Mini Golf King available to download right now from the App Store and Google Play. Download in time and you'll even be able to take part in this week's tournament before it ends on Sunday 28th January.