In 2017 we took the Big Indie Pitch to more locations than ever before, giving even more international developers the opportunity to present their games to a variety of expert judges, gain feedback, meet fellow developers, and possibly take away a prize for finishing in the top three.

One of those locations that we took the Big Indie Pitch to for the first time ever in 2017 was South Korea, as a part of South Korea's largest show, G-Star.
This fascinating pitch saw many developers from around Asia showcase their games, with MMZZUU's Defenoid walking away as champion. Defenoid was closely followed by Cogoo's Dead 2048 in second, and Gwarp from Sinkhole Studio in third.

However, these obviously weren't the only games that were pitched. From matching panels, collecting monsters, and creating your own Hollywood, there was a fascinating array of indie games on show.
You can check them all out below in our roundup of all things Big Indie Pitch at G-Star 2017.

First place: Defenoid

  • By: MMZZUU

Defenoid is a game full of exciting new ideas. Part bullet hell, part casual experience, it sees you utilising an innovative one-touch control system to defend your position whilst a barrage of bullets and attacks are fired by advancing enemies.

The name itself comes from a portmanteau of "defence" and "avoid", something that sums up Defenoid's action packed and incredibly enjoyable gameplay.

What's more, Defenoid utilises cute characters and designs to further appeal to as wide an audience as possible. It makes the game just as much of a joy to look at as it is to play.

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Second place: Dead 2048
  • By: Cogoo

Dead 2048 is the world's 1st 2048 puzzle tower defence game. Set in the year 2048, the world is overrun with zombies following a viral outbreak.

It's left to the few remaining humans to battle for their very survival against wave upon wave of undead.

What follows is an innovative combination of 2048 puzzle action alongside tower defence mechanics. Will you be able to survive?

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Third place: Gwarp
  • By: Sinkhole Studio

If you've ever wondered what Golf would look like if it was played in space with advanced technology, then wonder no more, because Gwarp answers you're slightly strange question.

Set in an imaginary space sport, Gwarp is a combination of golf and fighting where players can play some holes, solve puzzles, and fight with monsters using their clubs.

All of your clubs have unique skills, and there are a variety of stages with four different themes.

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Samsara - Stones of Eternity
  • By: BlindCat Studio

Change, link, and pop! Samsara - Stones of Eternity is a highly addictive puzzle game featuring an interesting and innovative gameplay mechanic. It turns the much loved match-3 genre on it's head, and will have you hooked.

You need to change the 3x3 or 6x6 grid so that three or more numbers in a row match up. However, to do so you've got to tap the numbers to change them. 0 becomes 1, 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, and 3 becomes 0.

But be careful, as trapping yourself into having no more matches is much easier than it seems.

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Monster Chronicles
  • By: Delta Duck Studios

Monster Chronicles is a turn-based mix of strategy, puzzle and RPG mechanics. And it includes a unique tic-tac-toe battle system that adds a good deal of depth to the gameplay.

What's more, the game also includes over 70 uniquely designed monsters to battle, customise, and evolve.

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  • By: Joyseed Gametribe

Hollywhoot is a highly creative and unique simulation game. In it, players go on a journey to become the best director in the world by fostering their own unique directing style and recruiting a range of talent that parodies real world Hollywood.

There's a rich vein of comedy here, and Hollywhoot is a game that grows with the player. Whether you've got the time to dedicate to it or not.

From TV shows, to films, and even to the awards, Hollywhoot is a game that deserves the attention of every fan of the idle clicker and simulation genres.

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BattleSky Brigade
  • By: BattleBrew Productions

BattleSky Brigade is a real-time strategy game which blends defend and raid elements with the drama of interdependent connected territories.

Set high above the remains of an obliterated world, BattleSky Brigade sees players take control of a battalion of bunny explorers who have set up camp on a desolate expanse suspended in the air known as Wylde.

From here players must raid other Wyldes for resources in order to grow in power. And all while forging integral alliances with other teams to effectively defend your combined territories from enemy raids.

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Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek
  • By: DreamTree Games

Uri: The Sprout of Lotus Creek is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game that sets you off on a magical journey through an incredibly scenic fairy-tale inspired wonderland.

Throughout the story players will experience Uri's journey of heroism and loneliness as they battle guards and traverse striking environments.

It's both beautiful and immersive, and features a range of unique control schemes. There are ideas here that really shake up the adventure genre too.

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Rowan McPaddles
  • By: Monstronauts

Rowan McPaddles is an endless runner set on the waves of the Bad Bad River. Players control the eponymous hero as he paddles, dodges, jumps, and even tweets his way to the high score.

Whilst still in the early stages of development, Rowan McPaddles promises an addictive platforming experience, one in which players will not only want to continue chasing that high score, but they'll also want to boast about how they earned it in style.


  • By: Lusolab Entertainment

Set in the future, AgentAliceSpy sees players taking control of leading word class spy Alice as she sneaks her way right into the heart of a secretive organisation in order to stop their machinations of world domination.

However, she'll have to achieve this whilst sneaking past numerous high-tech super-agents, as well as deactivating weapons of mass destruction.

There's a decent chunk of strategy and stealth here, and AgentAliceSpy is the sort of game that's going to appeal to anyone who prefers a more thoughtful approach to espionage.

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Asva the Monkey
  • By: Osja Studio

Asva The Monkey is an easy, fun, and addictive puzzle game that's perfect for players of all ages.

Set a long time ago deep within a forest, players have to help the inquisitive little monkey Asva as he attempts to solve various puzzles, and figure out how to return to his tribe.

The game features a one touch control scheme, and there are 90 puzzling levels across 6 magical worlds. That's not the only thing that makes Asva The Monkey stand out though, as the game also includes an award-winning presentation inspired by elements taken from traditional Cambodian culture.

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Tyrant's Arena
  • By: Elephant Jump

Tyrant's Arena is a 3 on 3 arena based action fighting game featuring deep and complex strategy mechanics that were heavily praised by the judges.

That's not all though, as Tyrant's Arena is also set to include asynchronous play, multiple different match types, and the ability to choose between either a two hand landscape orientation control scheme, or a portrait-based one hand control scheme.

Additionally, players can upgrade their heroes, engage in social competition, and strategically create their team so that their three fighters compliment each other.

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  • By: Lusolab Entertainment

Inspired by modern retro classics such as TowerFall and Shovel Knight, GoGoldcastle is an action packed 4 person multiplayer party pixel game. Players have to battle to be the one holding the most gold after 2 minutes.

The game includes an extensive variety of pixel characters, each with its own unique skills and abilities.

The legendary treasure castle, which acts as the game's setting, also includes a range of dangerous traps and magical relics that players can utilise in order to give themselves a competitive advantage.

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