If you've not yet had a go with Layton's Mystery Journey because it's been a touch too pricey, Level-5's just come up with the best solution: a starter kit on iOS.

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Anyone who's been with us for a while will know that we thought Layton's Mystery Journey was a substantial and fantastic, dishing out a well-deserved Gold Award in its review. "From the quality of the animations, the quality of the audio, the quality of the performance, and the quality of its puzzles, it's a joy for lovers of the genre," we said.

In this starter kit, you'll get access to Case 01: The Hand That Feeds. That may not sound particularly generous, but the cases themselves are actually quite lengthy. This means you've got a good couple of hours to figure out whether you like it enough to buy the full game or to purchase more cases.

Layton's Mystery Journey SK is currently rolling out on the App Store and should, hopefully, launch worldwide soon. Seriously, if you're a big fan of puzzlers you'll want to give this one a shot.

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