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GRID Autosport has heard its fans, and is adding a few fixes that should help things move along a bit more smoothly. GRID is already a highly polished, premium App Store experience, but these new tweaks aim to help you fly around the track at greater ease. Players will now find easier control defaults for Tilt, Wheel Touch, and Arrow Touch, and Arrow Touch has been implemented for all devices, which means folks playing on an iPad or iPhone SE can now drive with this control scheme. If you prefer to use an MFi controller, you’ll find your car handles a lot better following the big update.

GRID Autosport has also thrown in an Auto Accelerate option for Rookie and Professional difficulty levels that should help free up your hands so you can concentrate on other tasks during races. The GRID team’s also tweaked the game’s performance, so expect the game to run more smoothly overall.

In case you missed it, we liked GRID Autosport a whole lot—loved it in fact. We gave it a Gold Award. It’s the ultimate racing sim for iOS that delights in realistic mechanics that can be pretty tough to master. You can buy it right now on the App Store.

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