Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Winter Sports event

It’s onto the next event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s tireless schedule, as the game celebrates winter sports. The event takes Pocket Camp back to the regular events formula. Players will collect “Snowflakes”, an event exclusive currency, in order to craft special outfits, furniture, and a brand new Snow Park amenity. Here are all of the special items you can craft during the event:

  • Figure-Skate Shoes (100 Bells + 10 Snowflakes)
  • Snowboard Pants (100 Bells + 10 Snowflakes)
  • Snowboard Jacket (100 Bells + 10 Snowflakes)
  • Figure-Skate Outfit (300 Bells + 40 Snowflakes)
  • Pearl Tiara (300 Bells + 40 Snowflakes)
  • Beanie with Goggles (300 Bells + 40 Snowflakes)
  • Mini Skate Ring (500 Bells + 40 Snowflakes)
  • Snow Park (1,000 Bells + 100 Snowflakes)

Keeping with tradition, you can collect Snowflakes by completing goals, filling animal requests, and digging in Shovelstrike Quarry. You’ll have until January 31 to collect all of the Winter Sports event items, so hop to it.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now on iOS and Android. Looking for some help? Our expansive Pocket Camp guide has you covered.

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