The one sentence pitch for Hyper VR Party Ware was "WarioWare, but VR" which, as far as pitches go, is pretty strong.

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Hyper VR Party Ware is a collection of mini games, in case it wasn’t obvious, which includes beer pong, basketball shooting, darts, throwing shurikens and more. The variety of games whizz past at a brisk pace as you’re barraged with different challenges.

Talking to the developer, Shuttershade Games, they talk about the inspiration for the game. Despite offering use of his VR headset to his younger sibling and friends, they quickly grew bored with it. You can’t easily jump in and out of VR experiences, sadly. But this was the catalyst for Hyper VR Party Ware.

Looking to make an easy to understand experience that players can play with friends, Hyper VR Party Ware throws multiple mini games at you and lets you keep playing until you begin to fail, with the number of games conquered being your score at the end.

It’s at intuitive as possible, with the only inputs required being the HTC Vive motion controllers - though it will also launch on Oculus Rift. You simply use the triggers to grab and release objects in the environment, throwing them at targets, or swinging a baseball bat. It’s simple and intuitive to understand, which is perfect for a party setting.

There are plenty of VR mini game collections, but so few cater to group experiences like this. Definitely one to watch this year for VR fans.