Nintendo has always made family-friendly consoles, and the Nintendo Switch is no different. Sure, it might have some of the best games of the past year on it, but they're games that are marketed at anyone who wants to play them.

And if you ask me, that makes it the perfect place for board games. After all, what's better at getting the family together than rolling some dice and screaming at each other that you don't understand the rules?

Don't believe me? Well I've put together a pretty compelling argument. And I've done it in list form, which as we all know is the internet's de facto state nowadays.

It's already set up

The Switch is already there, sitting under the TV in your living room, waiting to be played. It's connected to your WiFI, it's already multiplayer compatible, and all you have to do to get going is turn it on.

Even mobile games can't quite boast that level of ease - and quite frankly they're some of the easiest games on the planet.

The eShop is more viable than ever

I'm not expecting board games to get full, boxed releases, but the eShop is much better than it used to be. There's an awful lot less screaming involved with using it than there once was.

Which means even if you don't have a board game ready, you can grab one in a matter of minutes. Plus decent parental controls mean you don't have to worry about little Johnny downloading Board Game Murder Sim 8. Which doesn't exist, anyway.

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More ways to play

The Switch has a whole host of inputs that you could use to play board games. And that can really only mean one thing - innovation.

Get some of the mobile board game developers involved and see what they can create given arm-waving, JoyCons, and all the rest of the ways the Switch lets you interact with it.

Take it on the go

There was a time when people used to buy small versions of classic board games to play with their friends on the train. They might still do that, I have no idea. And no friends.

But the Switch already has that capability built into it. Yank it out of the stand and you can take the console with you. Those long journeys are gonna whizz by for you and all of your chums now.