Planting flowers to make your town look nice has always been a staple of the Animal Crossing series, and now finally we can make our campsite look as beautiful as it does to us as it does to everyone else, with a new flower garden a bunch of things you can do with flowers.

Whether you’re collecting for a beautiful garden of grabbing a bunch for new furniture, take a look at this handy guide which will get you around the basics of being a botany mogul.

By the end of this guide you’ll be as green-thumbed as the rest of us, now go plant some beauties!

Seedy business

To start your flower empire you’ll need seeds, which you can handily purchase from the nearby gardening gyroid.

You’ll only have standards seeds available at first, but in time we’ll see Seasonal seeds to plant during certain month and events.

Get stocked up on different colour tulip and pansy seeds and get them planted - there’s no harm in filling the whole garden.

Keep ‘em fed

You can use plant food to speed up the process of your plants grwoing, in case the three hour timer is just more than you’re willing to deal with.

You can buy flower food to reduce the time your flowers take to grow by half an hour, requiring six to make them grow instantly.

If you are willing to spend Leaf Tickets, you can reduce the timer by one hour per plant for a single Leaf Ticket, requiring three to fully grow a single plant. Tempting, but waiting is for the best if you’re looking to save money and Leaf Tickets.

Flowers as materials

Flowers don’t just look nice in your garden, no, there’s a massive list of new flowery furniture you can craft using flowers as the base materials, giving you plenty of reasons to keep your garden stocked with flowers.

Talk to the gardening gyroid and select Flower Trade where you’ll find out how much of each type of flower you need to prepare for each item.

Right now, you can get one of each of the following item in a variety of floral colours, depending on what flowers you trade for them…

  • Potted flowers - 10 flowers
  • Floral polar bear - 40 flowers
  • Floral minitable - 20 flowers
  • Floral fence - 15 flowers
  • Floral tee - 25 flowers
  • Floral chair - 35 flowers
  • Topiary A - 30 red pansies
  • Topiary B - 30 red tulips

Cross pollination

There’s a variety of colours for both pansies and tulips, even though you can only buy two varieties of each from the gardening gyroid.

Pollination is the key - you can use one of your existing flowers the X-pollinate a flower currently in a bed, turning your harvested flower into a new variety of seeds.

Combining different colour flowers will result in new kinds of seeds, but the best way to do things is experimenting and seeing what varieties will come out. Yellow tulips used a red tulip bed will give you orange tulips, which the gyroid isn’t selling, for example.

Your breeding ground

It’s a good idea to keep a few flowers you’ll regularly use for pollination planted, so you always have access to them.

Of course, you can oust them once you’re done pollinating with that variety, and plant a new bunch. Just think carefully about which ones you’ll want planted all the time - you’ll probably be working towards one of the items you can trade flowers for, so make sure to keep one of the necessary plants bedded.

Even if you go wrong, you can always pollinate the variety you need from the beginning again, so all is never lost.