What time is it? Well, it's time to enjoy Death Road to Canada's most recent iOS update and, cor, it's a bigg'un.

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Just like its last major updates, DRtC version 1.22 as announced on Twitter brings us a huge selection of changes, tweaks, and new items/characters. It's a huge list, mind you, so I'll do what I usually do - note down the most important bits and point the more information-hungry folks out there in the right direction hereafter.

  • Open the options menu during missions now to tweak controls on the fly, with the top left button.

  • Option to show the movement pad when you place your thumb down, on by default

  • Drag Lock option to plant the movement controls down to where you put your thumb down, with no dragging. Just slide the drag setting all the way to the right.
New Additions
  • Rare Camp Recruit: Earnestine. Wielder of the Farmer's Shotgun.

  • Rare Encounter Recruit: Some kind of green rodent?

  • Sai: Like the ninja's kunai, except normal characters can actually use it.

  • Chainsaw Hand: The tiniest chainsaw. Very efficient, slightly less damage output, stuck to your arm forever.

  • Double Barrel Shotgun: Zombie obliteration for players with a big pile of shotgun shells saved up. Double the piercing of most shotguns!

  • Farmer's Shotgun: Unique double barrel shotgun with +33% damage and faster reload times.
Rare Events
  • Road Event: Cursed Treasure. Permanently screw up a character in exchange for getting a pirate cutlass or other melee weapons. Or just accept a Goblin Gift Basket or the Dingusnomicon.

  • Road Event: Chainsaw Hand Replacement. Also includes complimentary Double Barrel Shotgun!

Read the full changelog on Death Road to Canada's App Store page here. The update will be coming to Android, but had yet to sneak out.

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