Did you receive a new iPhone for Christmas? Someone clearly loves you very much. Or has a lot of disposable income. Or is feeling really guilty about something.

Whatever the reason, the fact is you're now in possession of one of the best phones around. So what are you going to do with it?

Yes, you can take arty selfies and send silly gurning emoji and things like that. But one of the most fun things you can do is load up some prime games.

Here are a couple of suggestions for what to play on your new iPhone.

GRID Autosport

Codemasters's epic racer arguably shows off your new iPhone better than any other game. It's the most technically demanding mobile game we've ever encountered - anything less than an iPhone 7 won't even run it.

Of course, the latest iPhones all run the game flawlessly. That's because the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all contain Apple's A11 Bionic processor, which is crazy-powerful.

iPhone X owners will also get a full widescreen experience, with the view stretched out to take advantage of that wider aspect ratio. It's immersive alright.

The Machines

All three of Apple's new phones are fully tuned to take advantage of Apple's new ARKit platform. This means that their sensors and processors are fully tuned to run sophisticated augment reality apps and games.

Apple chose The Machines to show off the potential for this new AR platform back at the launch of its new phones. It's essentially a tower defence game, but it appears to play out on a flat surface in your home.

That sounds gimmicky, but you can then pan and zoom around the battlefield by physically moving your iPhone around. It's extremely cool.

The Witness

Here's another technically demanding game that gets the most out of that A11 Bionic CPU. It took the team behind The Witness years of hard work to port it over from console and PC to mobile, and it's not hard to see why.

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The Witness is a jaw droppingly beautiful first person puzzler set on a deserted island. It's one of those games where every screenshot is a potential wallpaper for your phone or computer.

It also helps that The Witness is a quite brilliant game packed full of ingenious interlinked conundrums. If you fancy a few days of quiet contemplation after the Christmas excess, then bedding down with The Witness is akin to curling up with a good book.

Monument Valley 2

We'd be remiss if we didn't include the two mobile games that were awarded PG Platinum Awards in 2017. They're among the best games to play on any iPhone.

First up is Monument Valley 2, which you've probably already heard of. This iconic isometric puzzler has to twisting and rotating level elements in physics-defying ways.

It's also a lovely looking game that will really pop on whatever screen size you have to hand - from the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 to the stretched-out 5.8-inch iPhone X.


Here's the second iOS game we game 10 out of 10 to in 2017. Gorogoa squeezed in right at the death, but it's more than worthy of inclusion on any end-of-year best of list.

It's another twisty-turny puzzler (2017 was full of them), but this time you're manipulating the panels in a storyboard. As you do so these scenes morph in startling ways, completely changing the nature of the puzzle.

Gorogoa is another pocket masterpiece that will make you want to hug the person who bought your that new iPhone a second time.