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Penny Arcade Slots is a brand new casino app being given the final touches by its developer, which has crafted over 1/3 of the slot machines for street arcades around the world. Now they bring the exact essence directly to your phone, and the only thing left to do is test the game – and that’s where you come in.

Fusing Western and Eastern elements, Penny Arcade Slots features a range of fun casino-style games, all bundled into one free app. Whilst you spin wheels, pull levers and tap buttons, you’ll encounter a host of folkloric characters, from Jack and the Beanstalk to Aladdin and the Genie. Other themed slot games include Huga, Pan Jinlian, Water Margin and Mamma Mia.

Unlike similar games that focus on the social aspect, here it’s all about the slots. Rack up your points, win bonus rounds and unlock achievements. You can win up to 6000× the value of your bet, so you get the satisfaction of watching your score soar. The very first time you enter each game, you’ll be given 5000 chips to play with, totally free. If you spend all your chips, don’t worry. Wait a few hours and you’ll be rewarded with more. All of the games are available to play from the outset – no VIP area behind a paywall.

Why not give Penny Arcade Slots a whirl. SayYo needs testers to get the game app-store-ready, and the beta test will run in January. Sign up via their Facebook Page inbox.