Updated: Original list by Jon Mundy, Updated by Jupiter Hadley. Last update December 21st, 2020.

An awful lot of multiplayer gaming these days tends to take play online. It's just the way things have gone with the arrival of broadband and gamers naturally moving apart from their friends and family.

Of course, Christmas is the time of year when people tend to group together under one roof, opening the way for some good-spirited, non-confrontational local co-op play. If only developers still made such things, eh?

There have been tons of couch co-ops lately, but if you're stuck at your grandparent's house, with their old, outdated technology, you'll want to find co-ops on your own console - possibly the one that you can actually bring with you and set up on your own - the Nintendo Switch.

This console is the perfect platform for bringing your family together to play some fun, challenging, multiplayer co-op games!

Here, then are ten fantastic local co-op games for your console.