Hi, ho, and welcome to Sunday, friends. It's that time of week where we take a look back at the past week and see what news pieces have tickled you right up.

What started off as a rather dry selection turned into a bit of a cracking offering as some big-name indie titles came into play. Plus, you can now pre-order titles on the App Store, so that's fun.

Let's take a look at what five stories you guys loved the most, shall we?

Clash Royale gets a huge, new update

There was a little hiccup with the update earlier this week, but it should be all gravy now. When I say this is a big update, it's a BIG update including both new features and a fair amount of balance changes, namely focussing on Hog Rider, Prince, and Knight. As updates go, you've got a new arena, new cards, new chests, and more to get excited about, so have a look.

Meli Melo sneaks out in Japan

I know, this felt like it dropped pretty soon after its initial announcement, but World of Final Fantasy: Meli Melo appeared on the Japanese App Store this week. While that may not be too exciting for some of you, like Monster Hunters Stories it's nice to know it's out on the Asian market. The likelihood is if consumers are keen enough for it we should get it in the west, so here's to hoping.

New games! New games!

Shock horror, our big ol' list of new games made the Hot Five and what a week we've had. Box Boss, FEZ, INSIDE, Life is Strange, Gorogoa, plus a couple of Android releases too (including the excellent hidden object puzzler, Hidden Folks). No doubt there'll be something that catches your eye here.

INSIDE's on the way

As one of the bigger titles of the week, Playdead's INSIDE is a 2.5D melancholy platformer which follows a boy on his journey of discovery. Much like its predecessor, LIMBO, the game is dark, stylistic, unsettling, and above all surreal. Check out our review of the game, but if you've yet to give it a go it's highly recommended.

FEZ joins the party

Another of the week's bigger games, FEZ surprised us all by dropping on iOS out of nowhere. Follow Gomez on his journey as he takes on a noble quest of his own across a cool 2/3D landscape. To open up more paths and solve puzzles, you've got to navigate the seemingly flat environment, and perhaps even discover a few secrets as you go.

That's it! Whether or whether not there'll be a Hot Five next week remains to be seen, but do remember to tune into to our FINAL podcast of 2017 where we'll be chatting favourite games and general nonsense.

If I don't speak to you until after the holidays, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and a very happy New Year.

Until next week (or year), folks.

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