Asmodee Digital has just release a shiny new digital version of classic board game Abalone. The graphics have been updated, and there's been some other tweaks to the game as well.

So we figured now was the perfect time to have a look at some hints and tips to set you in good stead for your time with the game. After all, we're here to help.

If you've got your own suggestions, feel free to toss them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Don't rush in

While Abalone is a pretty simple game to grasp, it's easy to charge headlong into a round only to find yourself beaten within far too short a time.

Rushing straight to the offensive is going to leave you open to attack yourself, so don't do it.

Plan ahead

Much like in chess, the key to success in Abalone is seeing where the board is likely to go.

Plan your moves carefully to make sure you're not opening up any vulnerabilities in your own lines, while ensuring that you're ready to pounce on any mistakes that your opponent might make.

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Get to the centre

Being in the centre of the board gives your counters more mobility, and will let you react to different situations much quicker.

Having control of the centre of the board is one of the keys to winning a game of Abalone, so make sure your first strategy is to get your pieces there as quickly and safely as possible.

Go on the offensive

While you should start the game defensively, eventually you're going to have to go on the offensive. The player who gets rid of five of their opponent's counters first is in pole position for the victory.

That's because with five or more counters gone, you've got far less scope for making mistakes without being punished.

Split them up

It's a good tactic to try and split your opponent's counters up. Two smaller groups are easier to attack than one larger group.

Try and coral a group towards the edge of the board and you'll find it much easier to push them off. Remember to keep an eye out for counter attacks though. No pun intended