Oh the weather outside is frightful, and nothing else is relevant from that song because it's cold and a little bit snowy here in England after the passing storm.

But that's okay. It's been a great week in terms of news and chatter, with the release of some truly brilliant games to boot. What were the best five things to happen in the news this week, you say? Well, let's take a look.

Tiny Metal got big love

After a bit of a lengthy wait, the turn-based strategy game Tiny Metal finally got a release date for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Arriving later this month, you've got to outwit your enemies (yes, including your friends) using your own combination of soldiers, weapons, and more.

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Marvel Future Fight's gotten into gambling

If you missed the outcry over the weekend you should really read up on the MFF issue since it's a bit of a big'un. Following the game's recent update, the introduction of Ultimate Hero Chests has left a sour taste in fans' mouths as it is, essentially, a loot box system similar to that of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The update also brought in a few new characters, some of the best in the game, but two can only be obtained by buying an Ultimate Hero Chest which has a random payout. You see what the problem is here, right?

Shadowverse let us reveal some cards

Jeez, this one blew up into the charts in a matter of hours. Not only was Pocket Gamer allowed to reveal some cards from the upcoming expansion pack, Chronogenesis, we were given a whopping four to shout about. As usual, one of the card's information got a little lost down the line but it all got sorted and we're looking forward to this next card pack and its new class. Yay!

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Bandai Namco MIGHT have a sneaky Switch conference

I know, I know, some of you absolutely hate the rumour train but sometimes it's too good NOT to hop aboard. Earlier this week, gaming journalist Marcus Sellar Tweeted out that Bandai Namco will apparently be hosting an event on December 15th. While the nature of the event wasn't specified, it was suggested that Nintendo would hold quite a big candle (i.e. Switch stuff). Whether this turns out to be true or not, we'll just have to wait and see.

Monster Hunter Stories snuck out in Japan

This one was certain not one we predicted as the full 3DS version of Monster Hunter Stories arrived on the App Store and Google Play in Japan. No, seriously! Not only did the full games launch for about £13-ish, but a demo version is also available for those who want to have a quickie go at the game. Granted, this isn't as exciting for the west, but there's always hope it'll make its way overseas.

Goodness, that's it for yet another week and it really feels like time's speeding up now, doesn't it? In just a fortnight we'll be preparing for Christmas and taking some well-needed R&R.

Hopefully your next week will be absolutely dandy, and I'll see you again right here next Sunday, folks.